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There are TV cabinets made today to fit LCD and plasma flat panel style TVs. They come in wood, metal, and glass. There are TV cabinets that close up and hide your television when it’s not being used. There are other styles of cabinets that look like book shelves. They hold your television, while displaying other items on their multiple shelves.

An alternative to the wall mount option is enhancing the unit with a piece of furniture that both displays and offers design features to flow with the style of the home. There is now a large selection of modern TV stands. They come in compatible shapes and configurations for all sizes of LCD or plasma TV’s. If you are on a limited budget, don’t worry, there are modern TV stands out there that are still stylish and sturdy. If the budget is limited, and you don’t want the expense and hassle of a wall mount, consider cabinets or wall units that double as modern TV stands just with added cabinet space.

Getting a modern TV stand for your LCD or plasma television is a great solution for where to keep your new TV. Modern TV stands are made to accommodate these types of TVs. They have style and functionality. The TV stand will hide all the cords and doesn’t have to be a bulky furniture piece takes up a large portion of the room. Today you can purchase TV stands in all different wood finishes, glass and even modern design metals. You can also find them in the older wooden styles. These TV stands have fasteners on them to secure your flat panel TVs to them so they will not fall and distribute the weight evenly.

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Wall TV Cabinet

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