Small Apartment Renovation Ideas with Two Bedroom, Ein Gedi St Apartment by SFARO

Apartment for most people to use for a small family, which does not require a lot of bedrooms, but what if we want additional room in the apartment that only has a limited place. Below is a small apartment in doing the addition of a bedroom, there were many changes to rethink circulation to obtain a comfortable space. To get an extra space, it is necessary to remove a lot of storage space that is not functioning optimally.Designed to restructure the interior, and by adding a space for a bed in doing by SFARO.

Rearrangement of the interior of this residence required a total change in the layout so that the obtained functions of storage space and a bedroom as desired. In the living room and bed separated by a partition that can function as a storage cabinet, and between rooms in for the bathroom that can be easily accessed from inside and outside. Part bathroom used as a secondary path between the two bedrooms, while the kitchen and space but are placed in each corner of the room. To get comfortable on the inside, many basic needs in such systems provide heating and cooling. The end result of the realignment is the circulation of free space for around the interior.

Small Apartment Rennovation Living Room Design

Small Apartment Renovation Cabinet Partition Room Design

Small Apartment Living Room and Bookcase Partition Storage Design

Open Small Apartment Circulation Room

Small Apartment Partition Bedroom and Living Room

Small Apartment Renovation Plans

Room Cirulation Drawing Plan

Interior Sketch Drawing Plans

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