Fresh Small Apartment in Bucharest

We were recently sent photos of a small, but fresh apartment design in Bucharest, Romania. The creative minds behind the project are Monica Corduneanu and Paula-Maria Duta of Archinteriors. Here are some words from the designers describing their work: “This project is for a one room apartment with a living room, kitchen and bathroom. As soon as we saw the space we wanted to bring it to life and to make it suitable for our clients, a young and energetic couple.

fresh small apartment 8

Therefore we created a fresh, vivid and bright design that can feel like a home. The apartment was designed so it can be a place were the couple can relax and recharge their batteries after work, a little modern island of calm in an agitated city“. We love how relaxation areas (envisioned in a warm beige color palette) contrast the more active zones (highlighted in green), adding a touch of dynamic in a small, but well planned space.

fresh small apartment 1

fresh small apartment 2

fresh small apartment 3

fresh small apartment 4

fresh small apartment 5

fresh small apartment 6

fresh small apartment 7

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