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The vacant spot over the hearth is an efficient spot to hang a flat TV display panel. In addition, the brick or cement wall is a lot better for holding the TV wall mounts secure and agency than the standard wood wall. When putting your TV over the fireplace, your concern should be on the heat and the placement of the wiring. Once those issues are resolved, there shouldn’t any drawback installing the wall mounts and hanging the TV above the fireplace. Earlier than the rest, you’ll need a thermometer to verify the hot spots. Begin a fire in your fire and build it as much as your normally desired heat. You need to be sure that the hearth is hot enough to handle the chilly throughout the room. Rising the heat by a number of degrees more will ensure the encircling areas are registering the correct temperature.

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Once the fireplace is blazing sizzling, take your thermometer and take temperature readings above the hearth at completely different heights and locations. Examine your TV guide on the safe temperature for the TV. Consult electrical engineers on the protected temperature for the wiring. You don’t need the TV and wiring to get affected by the heat from the fireplace. The TV might must be placed on a excessive peak to ensure it’s far from the heat however that shouldn’t be a problem since there are models of TV wall brackets with tilt and swivel features. These features make it simpler to resolve on the situation of the TV. You possibly can tilt and swivel the TV to the desired angles after you’ve got installed the TV brackets.

Put the thermometer readings on the wall so you possibly can observe the warmth across the wall above the fireplace. Get a cardboard the equal size of your TV and lay it on a cool area of the wall and visualize the appearance. It’s going to also provide you with an thought of the degree of tilt and swivel that could be needed. The TV wall mounts have different fashions with varying most tilt and swivel levels, and your assessments will assist decide the correct degrees for the swivel and tilt. This could facilitate choosing the proper mannequin and sort of TV wall mount.

Mark the spots on the wall for the mounting screws by putting the primary part of the TV bracket into position. Make certain there are no wires or pipes in your chosen location. Drill holes using the masonry drill. The wall should be pretty sturdy since it’s made from bricks and concrete, and studs won’t be necessary. The TV wall mounts usually come with anchors designed for brick or cement walls. A 8 plastic anchor ought to suffice for the job. Take a look at the stability of the mount by giving it a couple of pulls. It should not transfer at all. You can cement the screws to the wall if you wish to be doubly safe. Lifting the TV and mounting it on the wall brackets could take a number of people.

Get your pals and neighbors to help you life and mount the TV on the brackets. Be certain the mechanisms are locked in place and that the whole lot is secure and firmly in place. Run the facility cord and cable alongside the sides of the wall and canopy them to make the wall look neat and clean. Ensure you run the wires within the cool spots above the fireplace. There are TV brackets which have containers to hide the cables going out of the TV.

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