Beautiful Look of Wall Panels with 3D Effect

Awesome Wall Panels 3D Effect in White Colors

A brand new generation of decoration with regard to walls is coming. Within our century everyone utilizes high technologies and the creative designers use them for creating. Romano, Alessandro and Stefano began 3D Surface – gorgeous panels with pattern associated with 3D effect. What perform we need usual wallpapers with regard to? These panels would […]

Awesome Multifunctional Kitchen Shelf

Awesome Multifunctional Kitchen Shelf Design

Multifunctional things is right the thing you need! And especially when your kitchen is actually small. Toro Legno, a good Australian designer, created this particular kitchen shelf from MDF. This is a bookshelf, a cutting knife stand, a board with regard to cheese and you can also think about some other functions according to your […]

Stylish Pendant Lamp in Pumpkin Design

Colorful Pumpkin Pendant Light Design Ideas

Style studio Komplot Design through Copenhagen created a lamp known as Calabash. This is a pendant light that is available in several glossy surface finishes – black, red, fantastic, silver. Thanks to the shiny finishes the lamps appear very stylish. To me the actual organic shape of the light reminds not only of a calabash […]

Tips to Design Minimalist House with Small Space

Minimalist House Design Ideas for Small Space

This original project is a design of the home of just 4x30m. within São Paulo, Brazil. The home is narrow and is wedged between other buildings. CR2 Arquitetos + FGMF Designers made an extensive research had been involved, with examination of Japan and Dutch tiny home treatments. An enclosed central courtyard was key to resolving […]

Luxury Design of Wooden Bathtubs

Luxury Black Wooden Bathtubs with Large Glass Windows Outdoor View

Alegna is a company with many many years of experience in yacht creating and the processing of top quality woods. By combining amazing woods and modern amalgamated materials they produce really gorgeous wooden bathtubs associated with perfect quality. The company offers several collections of different bathtubs. There are free-standing, built-in plus some other models that […]